Our professional artists offer any and all styles of tattooing. Experienced piercers can provide a wide variety of peircings. All this and quality jewelry. We care about our client’s decision in getting tattooed or pierced, and the experience that they have will determine whether or not they come back through our door. We feel a good tattoo is not how it looks 10 minutes after being put on, but how it looks 10 years later.

Jason Mannon

Tattoo Artist

My name is Jason Mannon, I grew up in northern Colorado. I have always had an interest in art my entire life. I started getting tattooed as a young man by a childhood friend Chris Jeannoutot, who was working for Skibo's at the time. I still get tattooed by Chris after his move to Englewood Co. at Chris and Krisha's well known shop, Phantom 8. I now have a complete sleeve from Chris and a complete leg by Greg, as well as a growing collection of work scattered about my body.

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Greg Skibo

Owner, Tattoo Artist

My name is Greg Skibo and I'm the founder of Skibo's Tattoo, which opened in the spring of 1982. I have been tattooing since 1974. This was preceded by a stint at CIA (Colorado Institute of Art), and a series of jobs including Commercial Artist, pasteup artist, retouching/ repairing antique photos, airbrush artist, sign painter and a variety of other creative endeavors.

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