About Skibo's

Established in 1982 by Greg and Peggy Skibo. Skibo’s Tattoo is a family owned and operated body art business, with a studio in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Greg Skibo has been tattooing professionally since 1974. He works in Ft. Collins, Colorado at the Front Range Studio with occasional trips to work at conventions around the country. Skibo has worked all over the US with many artists over the last 40 years. He is a past President on the Board of Directors of the APT (Alliance of Professional Tattooists). The APT is an educational organization that teaches and promotes health and safety in the Tattoo Industry.

Skibo's Tattoo Studio is an Old School in style and tradition. Our professional artists offer any and all styles of tattooing. Our experienced piercer can provide a wide variety of piercings. All this and quality jewelry. We care about our client’s decision in getting tattooed or pierced, and the experience that they have will determine whether or not they come back through our door. We feel a good tattoo is not how it looks 10 minutes after being put on, but how it looks 10 years later.

Our mission is to provide an outlet for high quality, (100% disposable ) artistic tattooing. Safe body piercing performed in bright, modern studios by experienced professionals with the most up-to-date sterile and sanitary procedures being used in the body art industry. Auto-calve sterilization with regular spore testing, hospital grade sanitation, universal precautions and barrier protection, just to name a few.

Skibo's Provides for you:

  • Award winning, quality tattooing in a safe environment.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable artists.
  • Privacy available at all times.
  • All styles and designs available; traditional to contemporary.
  • Excellent custom work: Have one of our artists design a custom piece for you!
  • Sterilization and sanitary conditions that meet or exceed all Local, State, and Federal Regulations.

Your Responsibilities:

  • We recommend that you be 18 years of age to be pierced or tattooed.
  • Minors (16-17 yr.) can partake in body art ONLY with parents present. All parties must have ID that match!! Call.
  • You will need State or Federal Issued ID to be Tattooed or Pierced!
  • Ask any and all questions, and at all times be sure you feel comfortable!
  • Make an educated decision to get a Tattoo or Piercing.
  • Don’t ask us about the other guy down the street.
  • Don’t criticize what you don’t understand!


Skibo's Front Range Tattoo Studio

1008 North College Avenue
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524
Phone: (970) 224-5241

This Studio is the oldest professional studio in Ft. Collins! Experienced knowledgeable artists, using the most up to date styles and procedures. All provided in a modern air-conditioned, comfortable, professional setting. With individual rooms for each artist with privacy. 1000’s of designs to choose from, all styles available. Body piercing and associated jewelry available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the legal age to receive a tattoo?

You must be eighteen-years-old with a valid, state issued identification card or driver's license. (This means no school ID's, Sam's club cards, etc.)

What is the legal age to receive a piercing?

As with tattoos, the legal age to receive a piercing is eighteen years old, or sixteen years old with guardian consent.

Can my parents or legal guardian sign a release form for me?

Yes, as long as the minor is at least sixteen years of age, and both minor and parent/legal guardian have matching last names on a state issued identification card or driver's license or paperwork that proves 100% guardianship or name change, etc. If we feel there is not enough proof of guardianship, we will turn you down.