Skibo's Front Range Tattoo Studio

1008 North College Avenue
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524
Monday - Friday, 1 - 8pm, Saturday, noon - 8pm, closed Sundays
Phone: (970) 224-5241
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Posted: March 23rd, 2012 by Greg Skibo

On May 31st 2014 after 32 years almost to the day, we closed the doors of our Wyoming studio. We'd like to thank all our clients and friends that we have met here. And to the people we had to runoff or throw out , you deserved it!
Than and Chris our last 2 loyal artists are working out of Than's new studio "Crimson Sky Tattoo" 619 West 20th in Downtown Cheyenne, they will be using the same phone # (307 632-6869)
Our studio in Ft. Collins CO is still open and still operating, same phone # (970 224-5241), same hours
We wish Than and Chris all the best as they above all others deserve it. And we are certain that they will continue our legacy of good clean tattooing, done in a professional manner. Long may you run !

Notice to potential clients
Posted: September 30th, 1999 by Greg Skibo

We are now, and have been, 100% disposable in the tattoo process for a number of years. This includes needles, needle bars, tube, rubber bands & grommet. In short everything but the machine itself. This is to provide the safest working condition for us, the artists, and you, the client. Thank you for considering us for your body art ! If you have any questions relating to this please contact us personally at the studios or via e-mail, and we will be happy to try and answer you.

On Saturday May 31st 2014 Skibo's Wyoming Territory Tattoo passed away.
32 years almost to the day that it opened.

It is survived by it's founders Greg & Peggy Skibo, and it's last 2 loyal artists;
Than Wilson & Chris Haley, both of Cheyenne.

Our heart felt thanks to all the friends and clients we've met in the last 32 years.

To the people we had to run off or throw out, you deserved it.

Happily Than & Chris will continue working and tattooing in the Cheyenne area,
Now located in Downtown Cheyenne at 620 West 20th re-named " Crimson Sky Tattoo"
Congratulations Than !
We are very happy and feel confident that you will carry on the tattoo legacy that we
worked to create in Wyoming !